What You Need To Know About Replica Rims

The reason why you got here is probably the same as everyone else’s – is it true that replica rims are as good as the original ones? The OEM car wheels, or ones that are originally made at factories are often compared to the replica wheels. And in recent times, there have been people saying that replica wheels are cheaper and are of the same quality as the OEM ones. Is this true? Replica rims, just like how replica wheels are made of, are just made from the cheapest materials and manufacturing processes available, like the gravity casting.

This is particularly true when the molten aluminum is poured into the mould and given time to cool off. When such process is done, it results to a rim that has lesser density in aluminum. The reason is because of its absence of pressure. All OEM factories make use of the low pressure casting method to create high quality rims. This actually means that replica rims are susceptible to cracks or bending, since all of them are made from the weakest and the most porous resources. If you have bought replica products before, even if it is not related to cars, you will understand the value of replicated rims.


Another mind-boggling myth that got car customers to wonder is whether the replica rims are identical to the OEM wheels. No matter how much you try to compare the original from the replica, there is always that difference. When replicated rims are made, it is created through copying the original design of the rim through the creation of another mold. No matter how much replica factories try to recreate the original design of the rims, creating the mold alone is very expensive, which beats the purpose of replicas altogether. It is also practically impossible to copy the original mold if the ultra-high expensive equipment to create it is non-existent. This does not mean that replicated rims are a no-no. You can still buy them, but better make sure that their prices are not of the same or higher than the original OEM design.

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