3 Awesome Designs From 3 Awesome Cars


With car designers never stopping from dreaming, the amount of awesome cars that make it as projects in car shows and other similar events is so unlimited that it becomes harder and harder to decide what we would like the most to see next on the market any time in the near future. Here are the three cars for which I would definitely settle.

First on the list is the Honda Native which was revealed in 2011. Just like most cars that are envisioned to become part of our future, this concept is powered by an electric setup but it’s most impressive thanks to its sleek lines and its ability to change colors depending on the environment where it’s used. This is an ability that the concept has thanks to the photo chromic material that’s supposed to be used for its exterior. In the interior the innovations continue because the designer chose OLED display-based instruments and aluminum as main material.

The second one of these awesome cars is the Peugeot Globule which was presented in 2009. If you think that a car which can change colors is awesome think again after you find out that that this Globule concept can actually change its shape. This ability exists thanks to the separate pods of its body. There are 4 of them, each one capable of offering space for a passenger and an independent motor. You can even arrange them one on top of the other in order to obtain an easy to park vehicle.

If when I say awesome you imagine a car with a design never thought possible, then the 2010 Opel Flow will definitely impress you. It’s a one-seat car with an unusual shape that’s actually capable of producing all the energy it needs in order to move thanks to the solar panels that crowd its exterior.

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