3 Projects That Shape The Future Of Cars


Because the automotive industry often surprises us with its latest creations, we tend to think that the cars of the future won’t be short of incredible abilities such as the ability to fly. While that may not become reality any time soon, there are a few innovations that are just as amazing and in the same time more likely to be delivered as part of tomorrow’s vehicles.

One of the projects based on one of these innovations is Shelley also known as the autonomous race car. The main reason why people like Nascar and Formula 1 is not only because of the powerful cars involved but also because of their drivers who always know how to accurately estimate the car’s reactions at the road’s condition. It is the knowledge of those drivers that was used for creating Shelley. As a result, the created race car has no problem flawlessly driving at 150 mph guided only by the computer on board. Imagine the effects of Shelley’s algorithms on reducing the number of collisions that occur per year.

If you don’t like to always be in charge of the driving, you will also like Google’s idea of a self-driving car. This is one of those cars of the future that’s amazing mostly thanks to the intelligent software it uses in order to get you home safe on its own. That software is supplied with the necessary information by numerous sensors and relies when making its decisions on extensive GPS data.

The third project car that uses a technology expected in future cars is a GM creation and is known as the Electric Networked-Vehicle. It’s a small, two-seat vehicle that’s considered necessary to develop because GM estimates that by 2030 our cities will no longer have enough room for standard cars. The car is not only small, but also electric so it will be perfect for protecting the environment.

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