Futuristic Cars Worth Keeping An Eye On


No matter how amazing are the latest creations released by the automotive industry we always come back for more, so the interest in futuristic cars never ceases to exist. Fortunately the designers and technology developers involved in the industry don’t lack the kind of imagination that makes the impossible seem possible. That’s why such concept cars are brought in the focus.

For instance, if you are interested in a cool-looking electric car of the future you should definitely take a look the erRinGo concept that Mohammad Ghezel created in 2009. The concept is most surprising thanks to the three wheels that encircle its body. The middle wheel is the one that’s mostly used, the other two wheels placed on the sides being added for balance purposes. In charge of making sure the car doesn’t lose its balance is a gyro system. The interior follows the same wheel-based design. There are actually two steering wheels included, so both the driver and the passenger can have fun driving the erRinGo around.

If you’re passionate about UFOs, then you should choose from the variety of futuristic cars the A360 which owes its existence to Huynh Ngoc Lan who created it in 2008. This time instead of three wheels you will discover three spheres which allow it to follow any direction of interest. To easily adapt to any direction change the cabin was designed able to swivel 360 degrees.

There’s also a concept car that’s been designed with the idea of creating a vehicle that can easily tackle any kind of terrain. I am talking about the Volkswagen Aqua which was envisioned in 2011 and it’s supposed to be able to get you even across a lake. The only unusual design detail is related to the doors of the vehicle because only one is available and it’s interestingly placed in the back.

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