Technologies That Will Make It To Future Cars


Since the first car ever was manufactured, the automotive industry has come a long way so we can’t help but wonder what the future car that will impress our senses will look like. In the same time we also wonder about the technologies that will turn driving into a completely new experience. While designs are harder to anticipate because they are influenced by our imagination, technologies are easier to predict because scientists have already made a few important steps towards coming up with software tools that will equip the cars of tomorrow, making them safer and more efficient.

One of the technologies that are expected to become part of every future car is the ability of these vehicles to communicate not only with each other but also with the road. The uses of such a technology are unlimited and are extremely important for improving the safety features that cars currently offer. For instance, nowadays if you don’t notice that a fellow traffic participant has run a red light you are likely to become the victim of a collision. With the type of technology mentioned on board the situation would change because your car would find out from the car running a red light about the traffic violation in progress and it would automatically hit the brakes before any collision has the slightest chance to occur. Such a technology is currently in the focus of Ford who has chosen to name it Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication (V2V).

The self-driving car is also in the making thanks to Google. The results of the project are improving as we speak so you shouldn’t be surprised to see one of these cars on the market rather sooner than later. That day 95 percent of the accidents that occur on a daily basis will become avoidable because their main cause is always human error.

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