Coolest Cars Coming Soon


If you want to be ready to choose from the next generation of cars that will soon hit the market, you should become aware of the coolest cars that have been lately presented as amazing concept cars.

One of these soon-to-be-released cool cars is the Honda Urban SUV concept which speaks volumes about the styling of the next small SUV that Honda will release in Japan and the US. This concept was actually in the spotlight at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show and was advertised as a small fuel-efficient car that’s always fun to drive. These main features of the car are easy to notice starting with the exterior design defined by a variety of details that make it very clear that the car was designed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind. You can even set up the seats in more than one way. Not to mention the availability of an all-new engine. And the best part is that this cool concept car will actually enter production in the near future.

Another one of these cool cars, that make us more eager than ever to see a concept enter production, is the Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept. This is a concept car that Hyundai has introduced in order to let as all known what kind of styling and advanced technology should be expected from the premium Hyundai vehicles of the future. The vehicle was displayed during the same 2013 Detroit Motor Show and showed how well Hyundai can play with tensile-strength steel while adding advanced features such as power steering capable of multi-mode and a hydraulic system capable of providing real-time feedback. However, you shouldn’t expect this concept car to enter production as it is. Its design is much too complex to be integrated in an everyday car. So, most likely, only some of its greatest features will make it to future Hyundai models.

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